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Solutions Application Modernization


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Your technology should keep pace with your business - not vice versa.

Our approach to application modernization builds in flexibility to adapt and grow as you grow.

The forces that drive business change – competition, regulation, technology, and market dynamics among them – are constantly pushing IT applications toward obsolescence. There is a point where it may seem that nothing can be done but to freeze changes and undertake a complete replacement. That’s usually a very risky, expensive and disruptive option. With Summa’s application modernization solution approach, you can take action, embrace change, and avoid the costs of obsolescence well before that point.

Successful application modernization projects typically involve creating new business value from existing applications; incrementally transforming legacy systems into new, reusable business components; and leveraging existing enterprise skills and improving productivity. Our solutions extend the reach and usefulness of applications – to new users, new customers, new channels, new markets – integrating and mobilizing access to information and processes in ways that seemed impossible a short time ago. At Summa, we have successfully implemented solutions like these for major industries and a wide range of clients, including mid-market and Fortune 500 companies.

Consensus, flexibility, and value.

Stop compromising when it comes to your technology. Summa will help you develop a well-thought-out roadmap that establishes consensus around vision, strategy, pace, budget and timeline. When you engage us for a project, we create this plan – with your help – and review it to build and maintain consensus with all stakeholders as the project progresses. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead we take a wide view, encompassing all the options, and factoring in your unique strategy, constraints, and priorities. We engage at the business level, not just the IT level, from planning through execution, implementation and deployment.

Summa solutions use technology from leading partners and service providers and we leverage expertise from across our practices. By bringing together highly experienced design strategists and architects we can create an agile, open solution in which your legacy software can be transformed into effective applications that meet your current business requirements and are built for sustainability and growth.

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The Summa Plus

Summa’s experience + Incremental modernization

Reduced risk and quicker time to value.

Standards-based technology + Tailored solutions

Saving valuable systems from the scrap heap.

Service Oriented Architecture + Smooth integration

We make new applications play nicely with existing systems.

Modernization roadmap + Stakeholder buy-in

A plan for the future that puts your business in control.

Modern applications + Horsepower to spare

A new source of business agility.

Our industries

  • Incremental modernization workshops and strategy development
  • Technology-focused modernization assessments
  • Business case development for modernization
  • Full lifecycle agile based project implementations
  • Extend and integrate applications to leverage modern technologies – including cloud, mobile, BPM, BRMS, portals and SOA
  • Technology selection consultations
  • Business goals are aligned with your technology strategy
  • Agile approach to modernization
  • Improved software development practices
  • Cost-efficient and practical solutions
  • Knowledge transfer and mentoring
  • IBM Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Rally Software