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Solutions Whether it’s modernizing aging applications or designing a product from scratch, Summa has been finding the right solutions for a wide range of businesses since 1996. So, how can we help you today?


BPM and Decision
SOA and Integration
Cloud Computing
and CRM
User Experience
Software Product
Portal and CMS
Industry Expertise

The solutions we’ve created provide web-accessible interfaces to mission-critical business applications, convert applications from one set of technologies to another, connect applications together, or improve performance, reliability and quality.

We’ve successfully implemented IT strategies for major industries and a wide range of clients, including mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. And by partnering with leading technology companies and complementary service providers, such as IBM,, and others, we can provide comprehensive solutions to a wide range of business challenges.

SOLUTION: Application Modernization

Your technology should keep pace
with your business -not vice versa.

SOLUTION: BPM and Decision Management

Align your systems with your business –
and your business with your customers.

SOLUTION: Cloud Computing & CRM

We can help you meet the needs of your
customers on a higher level.

SOLUTION: Portal and CMS

Use our experience to transform yours.

SOLUTION: SOA and Integration

Integrate your business,
not just your systems.

SOLUTION: Software Product Development

We help your product teams innovate
and implement to your vision.


For lasting results, we put users first.