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Solutions User Experience Design


BPM and Decision
SOA and Integration
Cloud Computing
and CRM
User Experience
Software Product
Portal and CMS
Industry Expertise
For lasting results, we put users first.

It’s not just about the technology - successful software must be designed to be both useful
and usable.

Summa’s design solutions can help you identify and focus on real customer needs, keep them atop your priority list, and drive real business results. User experience design is where customer, business and technology all come together. This can be a busy intersection, where conflicting priorities can obscure the only goal that matters: how well the solution meets a real customer’s needs.

The initial experience users get with your company can sink or swim your relationship with them. That’s why Summa helps you navigate through the uncertainty with a design process that keeps the focus on your customer’s priorities and needs and balances the wide range of choices against your constraints. Our extensive experience in leading product strategy processes, user experience design and agile product development gives us a unique advantage in understanding complex customer environments. We do our homework, researching customer behavior through a variety of proven techniques. We bring our experience and an interdisciplinary approach that engages all relevant stakeholders, speeds up decision processes and converges on success.

A rapid, agile and iterative innovation process.

Maintaining customer focus throughout the design cycle requires fast, iterative conceptualization. Along with our experience at agile development, we can quickly generate a variety of highly viable solution scenarios – without the guessing. We employ tools that articulate and visualize the user experience through its full lifecycle, and we work closely with your organization to sort through the options and decide quickly on a final path to a smart design and plan. Our work frequently involves leading teams comprised of executives, domain experts, technologists, managers, customer service staff, brand managers, product owners and other consultants to collaborate and introduce new ideas and prioritize extensions to existing solutions. A secondary benefit results in client improvements to their innovation practices – those that are used to manage their product portfolios, inform decisions about risk and return on investment, and capture knowledge to be shared across the organization.

The Summa Plus

Customer focus + End-to-end expertise

Strategies and designs that lower risk and speed adoption.

Informed choices + Rapid prototyping

A clear path to useful, usable solutions.

Innovation + Collaboration

Combining the latest technology with good old-fashioned talking.

Highly visual approach + Interdisciplinary teams

Rapid consensus leads to more sustainable solutions.


Connecting business vision with business customers.

Our industries

  • User Experience Design and Vision Setting strategy workshops
  • User research
  • Information architecture and detailed interaction and interface design
  • Mobile and touch interface design
  • Usability assessments
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Design agent services
  • Highly experienced design strategists
  • Optimize the usability and usefulness of software products, systems and services
  • Accelerate adoption among customers
  • Optimize resource use by jointly exploring how to leverage new technologies while grounding solutions in real-world constraints
  • Visual approach drives stakeholder buy-in
  • Reduced risk through iterative design approach and prototyping
  • Multi-disciplinary design approach yields more robust solutions